External Auditing and Review

Who audits your audits? We can support you by providing regular reviews and audits of your service.

It is vital to have robust quality assurance systems in place when running any kind of social care service. If you’re a smaller service without a dedicated quality assurance manager or team, we can support you by providing one-off or regular quality assurance reviews of your service.

We can audit your records and provide detailed feedback of our findings, including an action plan for improvement when required, but also recognition of good practice.

Should something go wrong and you find yourself dealing with a serious incident or safeguarding concern, we can provide you with expert support in analysing the event and finding the lessons to be learned.

We can also conduct your annual client survey for you, completely independently, and present the results along with a report with recognitions of both your strengths and areas for improvement.

Please contact us for more details.