January/February Reading Roundup

January/February Reading Roundup

News and articles

7th January: BUPA ordered to pay record amount for fire safety failings after death of care home resident (London Fire Brigade)

14th January: Social care for elderly and vulnerable rationed as Covid hits staff Council chiefs say they cannot give all help needed amid worsening national emergency (The Guardian)

19th January: Ordinary residence: section 117 approach remains unsettled despite government court win
Councils retain responsibility for funding a person’s aftercare until they decide it is no longer needed, even if the person is subsequently detained from another area, rules court (Community Care)

20th January: Safeguarding probe that failed to uncover harmful care ‘relied heavily on provider evidence’
Social worker did not cross-check documentation provided by care home whose failings led woman to suffer loss of dignity, finds ombudsman (Community Care)

26th January: Homecare: Covid self-isolation and low pay creating staff shortages (BBC)

26th January: Healthcare Firm to create 300 social care jobs in NI (BBC)

26th January: Adult social care: ‘Amount and quality’ focus of consultation (BBC)

26th January: Two-thirds of social workers experiencing deteriorating mental health because of work, finds survey
Almost half of practitioners polled considering leaving profession because of experiences of past 18 months and one-third having emotional responses to work at least fortnightly (Community Care)

27th January: ‘A light at the end of the tunnel’: Care home owners and families welcome easing of restrictions on visitors‘ – Our lives changed when we were vaccinated and that happened months ago’: Families and social care workers question why restrictions have only just been lifted (Independent)

28th January: National Insurance: What’s the new Health and Social Care tax and what will it cost me? (BBC)

31st January: Covid: What are the care home visiting rules and how are they changing? (BBC)

1st February: What social workers should consider when working with LGTBQ+ people
Inform guide highlights the nature and impact of the discrimination that LGTBQ+ people experience, to improve social workers’ understanding and practice (Community Care)

1st February: U-turn on mandatory vaccine won’t bring back ‘skilled’ home care workers who have already quit (Homecare.co.uk)

1st February: North West home care provider buys fleet of mopeds to attract new care workers (Homecare.co.uk)

1st February: Guest Blog: Do I need a Compliance Expert? (Home Care Association)

2nd February: ‘My role as England’s first anti-racist lead practitioner’
Millie Kerr has been helping social workers understand how their biases can affect their peers and the families they support in her role at Brighton & Hove Council. Here, she explains the impact she is having. (Community Care)

3rd February: Failing care home rated inadequate again (BBC)

3rd February: Social Care: East Sussex County Council to spend £5m on staffing (BBC)

8th February: Care cap: government change leaves less well-off at risk of ‘catastrophic’ bills, analysis finds
Think-tanks set out extent to which Care Act amendment hits people with moderate wealth and residents of poorer regions (Community Care)

10th February: Bonus payment of £1,000 for Wales care workers planned (BBC)

10th February: Health and social care integration plans ‘little good without adequate funding or staffing’
White paper aims to improve care and value for money, including through vesting local health and social care leadership in single person, but receives cool welcome from sector bodies (Community Care)

12th February: Norfolk and Suffolk care homes ‘struggling to recruit overseas staff’ (BBC)

14th February: ‘Being non-judgmental encourages people to engage and change’- mental health social worker of the year
Social Worker of the Year Awards winner John Leavy’s kindness and compassion enable him to achieve change with adults and families often affected by trauma, say colleagues (Community Care)

16th February: Careworkers added to the Shortage Occupation List (Homecare.co.uk)

18th February: Social care staffing situation continues to deteriorate, show latest figures
Vacancy rate across adults’ services in England climbs to 9.5% as number of filled posts drops to 4.3% below March 2021 levels (Community Care)

18th February: Homecare data: An explainer (Home Care Association)

21st February: Pledge to move learning disabilities care nearer home (BBC)

21st February: Independent report Social care reform: an independent review by Baroness Cavendish
A report looking at how the government can lock in the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic to build a more robust, sustainable and joined-up system of social care. (Gov UK)

21st February: Spring booster jab to be offered to care home residents, over 75s and immunosuppressed
Care home residents, the over 75s and individuals aged 12 years and over who are immunosuppressed will be invited to receive an additional COVID booster vaccine to maintain their protection against severe COVID-19. (Homecare.co.uk)

22nd February: Care home visitors in England will have to pay for Covid tests
Policy is criticised as ‘tax on caring’, and orders of free tests are limited to deter stockpiling (The Guardian)

23rd February: Care homes in England lose 1,600 beds in six-month period
Owners hits by staff shortages, mandatory jab policy and Covid cases, finds Care Quality Commission (The Guardian)

24th February: Review launched into safeguarding people from carer abuse at home
Government probe will examine whether Care Act and other safeguarding measures provide sufficient protection for people receiving care at home, following concerns raised by disabled people’s organisations (Community Care)

25th February: Councils could face budget blackhole amid growing concerns about underfunded adult social care reforms
As councils plan budgets for next year, concerns are growing that the Government’s reforms to adult social care are underfunded and risk their implementation as well as exacerbating existing pressures, the Local Government Association is warning. (Gov UK)

25th February: Continuing lack of homecare workers (Home Care Association)

28th February: Covid’s first wave was deadliest of the three in UK care homes, figures show
The virus was involved in the deaths of 19,783 residents between March and September 2020, accounting for 23.2% of fatalities across the period, according to the Office for National Statistics. (iNews)

28th February: Sussex woman forced to sleep in wheelchair due to lack of care staff
Hove MP says lack of care provision for woman receiving dialysis is heartbreaking (The Guardian)

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