The Z Cares quarterly e-magazine is free for hotline and support subscribers. Two weeks after subscribers have received it, individual issues can be purchased here for £45 and will be listed when available. Every issue will be themed around a topic and is really a whole training package in itself, usually including:

  • Editorial
  • News and updates
  • Training materials
  • Quality assurance and policy/procedure guidance
  • Inspection guidance
  • Your feedback, opinions and questions

Our first magazine was themed around emollient use and personal fire safety, and is available below. The second issue will be all about record keeping, and should be available in mid-August.

The potentially horrific consequences of a personal fire and the role emollient creams play in accelerating these has been known for some time, yet this is an area in which many services are sadly deficient. As well as the e-magazine, in the Zip file you’ll also receive a sample risk assessment template and a powerpoint presentation, with case study handouts, for a training workshop with sections for all staff, assessors, auditors and managers. The usual full price of the e-magazine is £45, but our first edition is available for the special introductory price of £30.